Viagra helped My Brother and saved his marriage

My brother is a Major in the US army and has been on the battle field during Gulf was as well as done stints in Afghanistan wars. He got married three years ago to his high school sweet heart but has spent relatively very less time at home after marriage. Though being a Major, my brother is too soft a person at heart and god fearing. Even as a child he could not bear to see a cat dying and would spend hours together crying all alone in the backyard and saying prayers. He was in the habit of talking directly with god. So it was a surprise to all of us in the family, when he decided to join the army.

Though my brother had seen so much of misery and death, he did not seem to have changed or turned aggressive. He came home twice last year but for brief periods of three months only. My sister in law was feeling the strain of managing this long distance marriage. However my brother did return from the war field six months ago and was posted on ground duty. This was happy news for all of us. My mother was extremely delighted and insisted that he stay at home with us for at least a year before moving out to start a new home. So our home was full of activity and peoples all of my brother's friends dropping in to visit him. We were often invited to parties and we threw parties at home too. Even a smallest pretext was enough for my parents to invite friends home for a party and they loved showing off their son's achievements.

In all the excitement that followed his return, we did not notice any changes in him at all in the beginning. He was the kind old self. But yes he seemed to have grown more silent. Little did we know about his troubles until we started hearing him scream at night and start groaning with imagined pain. My sister in law was petrified. She found it impossible to help him. Only when the doctors talked to both of them, did she reveal that they were unable to consummate their marriage because my brother was afraid of physical proximity and could not bring himself to get physically aroused. Timely medical intervention helped and he was treated for trauma at the psychiatric ward. When he got home, the doctors put him on daily dose of Viagra to help him achieve erection. Things have greatly improved after he started with Viagra. We have just heard the news that my sister in law is pregnant. The doctors want my brother to stop using Viagra after two weeks and try to get back into physical fitness regime. In his case the doctors explained that the erectile dysfunction is not due to any age related or disease related factors but simply due to the emotional block and trauma that he had under gone. Now resuming a normal life and staying at home, coupled with the arrival of a child should get him back on track without Viagra. Doctor says "He is a young bull. We don't see why he cannot be healthy and father few more children in the coming years". This brings a smile to my sister in laws lips.

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